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    Gyre: Maelstrom

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    PC & Console

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    Unreal 4

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    M for Mature

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    In Development


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    107B Osborne St.
    Winnipeg, MB, Canada
    R3L 1Y4

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The World of Gyre: Maelstrom

In this steampunk-inspired alternative history, unfettered technological exploration has driven humankind to extinction and given rise to a new species of intelligent machines imbued with human souls. The problems of the old world persist within the city of the Gyre, where rival factions have emerged, driven by both romance and disdain for their faded memories of humanity.

  • Explore the the open, ever-changing world of the Gyre―a towering, steampunk city procedurally generated in Unreal Engine 4―with the freedom of parkour-style movement and the ability to shape the city’s very geometry to your will.

  • NPCs are active participants in the story, driven by psychological behavior models to pursue complex goals and stories interwoven with your own.

  • Use the extensive crafting system to build a massive array of parts for your android body, customizing it with enhanced abilities, custom clothing and accessories to transform your gaming experience.

  • Play Gyre: Maelstrom again and again, experiencing a new story every time. How you play it is up to you.

The Toska Narrative Engine™

Backed by nearly a decade of research and development, Evodant’s proprietary Toska Narrative Engine avoids traditional filler-quests that have scripted consequences and trivial good or bad choices. Instead, nothing is predetermined―whether you are bold or cautious, combative or diplomatic, action-oriented or story-driven, Toska observes your behavior and continuously shapes the story around you in real-time, creating NPCs, environments, and plotlines for a truly one-of-a-kind experience.



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  • The city of Gyre is constructed from building components, assembled through construction grammars giving the city massive variety in building type, size and placement.

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Dwayne RudyPresidentCreative Director / Technical Lead

Rob BartelProducer

Ryan FitzGeraldLead Designer / Lead Narrative

Tom ZuberArt Director