The three main Families form the core of the city with each having a primary Bodyplan…

Couriant:: they employ expertise in parkour to maintain a graceful, even speed while vaulting barricades, scaling walls, leaping over gaps, sliding through openings, and balancing on ledges.

Imperiant:: they start slow but gather speed and momentum over time, allowing them to smash through doors and walls, make long distance leaps, and land with earth-shattering results.

Polariant:: they have a special relationship with the city and can shape it to their will by communing with the city.

Players have the option to declare how they self-identify at the start of the game – male or female. Your choice has an impact on the available apparel throughout your story.

All characters have the ability to upgrade their various parts to improve a wide range of abilities, such as speed, hit points, flux recovery,cognitive abilities and many more.

Character Skills

Characters can attain ranks in 9 different skill trees with a total of 76 skills. Skills are either passive or active (triggered). 

Assaulter:: Improve your combat readiness and tactical capability with melee, ranged or psionic weaponry.

Defender:: Prepare for any aggressor with improved defensive capabilities against melee, ranged or psionic assaults.

Freerunner:: Increase your speed and retain inertia over all forms of urban terrain.

Infiltrator:: Make friends of the shadows and manipulate your adversaries through stealth and subversion.

Inventor:: Assemble and manufacture body parts, weapons and other items of increasing complexity.

Mesmerist:: Win with words and convince your aggressors to lay down their arms. Or make them an ally.

Occultist:: Embrace the power of your mind and let it be your weapon.

Vanguard:: Survive and thrive as an independent, beholden to no one.

Warden:: Manipulate your environment and control the arena to favor you in every challenge.


More coming soon…