Worldbuilding the Gyre

Dwayne RudyWorld

Gyre Concept

The seed of what this story is about starts with transhumanism. At its core, transhumanism is about elevating the human condition using technology. I wanted to explore the fundamental question of what happens if the human race takes that premise to the extreme. What if we were to so drastically change ourselves that we take on the form of the technology that elevates us?

For Gyre: Maelstrom, we took it in a different direction and wondered what would happen if history had been more supportive of scientific experimentation and the works of certain individuals, such as Nikola Tesla. What would happen if instead they received massive support and financing?

We found a suitable branching point in a many-worlds-theory-kind-of-way. The revolutions of the 1850’s and surrounding time period. From there we built up our alternate history and had enormous delight in crafting an alternate sociopolitical world.

Everything in the game world is an informed choice. We’ve tried very hard to not just build a compelling and fun game, but also have it make sense. Why do they have certain clothing? Why do they have clothing at all? What behaviours make sense given the available resources and needs of the individual? Their family? The city? And on and on. These design decisions are in service to in-world aspects that make sense by tying together other in-world elements to form a more cohesive picture of the environment in the player’s mind. We believe this adds to the immersion a player can experience.

We hope to explore other aspects of this theme in a sequel. It’s possible some players may uncover hints at what stories may lie beyond Gyre: Maelstrom within their own unique narratives. 😉