"Gyre: Maelstrom is an exciting foray into an open world without limitations. Backed by the brilliantly designed Toska Engine and a whole lot of love from the team over at Evodant Interactive, Gyre is sure to be a groundbreaking achievement in gaming."
- Indie Obscura
UPDATE: February 2018
Gyre: Maelstrom continues to inspire us and our fans. The game we set out to make was a massive undertaking for a small team.

While we have a playable game, we gained fantastic feedback from early adopters, our focus groups and testing. There are a few features from our massive list of "wants" for the game that will allow us to showcase the experience we really want for players.

So we are ramping up to make the next game a more focused and fun experience that will allow for multiplayer, shared stories in the future. There will be some significant changes to the design which flow through all of our interconnected procedural systems. Plus an upgrade to our art style.

To that end, those of you that had been waiting ever so patiently for Gyre: Maelstrom are invited to join the crowd at Gyre: Nova State as we bring with us our knowledge, experience and outstanding talent from this game and we move forward to deliver on a revolutionary RPG experience.